Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prison Planet!

I read somewhere that maybe Earth is a prison planet. We are sent here to re habilitate and learn to love and find the true meaning of ourselves. I had a thought today that in the Christian religion we believe that if we sin here and have impure thoughts we will have eternal damnation after we die.Maybe we got that wrong, maybe if we have impure thoughts and send back negative thoughts here we get eternal damnation HERE. Our lives will be crap and we will suffer terribly. Maybe the whole point of being here is to learn to only put out good thoughts and love and then it will be returned to us.Put out negative thoughts and hate/fear and it will be returned to us.Scientists are now finding that thoughts have power. Maybe our thoughts create our world.Remember Ghost Busters where they had to think of something that would kill them and one of them thought of the marshmellow man and it manifested. I really think our thoughts are stronger than we realise."be careful what you wish for!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ways of Dying and what they mean.

This was posted on one of my groups and I find it very profound.
Types of Dying and What They Mean
Natural death

old age
illness and disease
youngest souls
lessons to learn
things to experience
people to see
hardest for those dying, but easiest for those left behind

death by natural causes
older souls who know it's their time, but don't know how to do this and are fearful of
dying, so they put themselves in the path of events who will help them accomplish this.
Hard for those dying, and a little harder for those left behind

death at the hands of another

car accidents
plane crashes
older souls who know it's their time, but don't know how to do this and are fearful about dying, so they "put" themselves in the path of people or events who will help them accomplish this.
easier for those dying but harder for those left behind

death at their own hands

drug overdose
still older souls who can see and touch the door to cross over, but don't know how to open it
still easier for those dying, but one of the hardest for those left behind, extreme guilt

sudden death

dying quickly and unexpectantly at any age
includes miscarriages, SIDs
oldest souls
the door to the otherside opens and they just step thru.
hard for those left behind because there are no answers, especially for those without any spiritual beliefs

Dec 28, 2003

Cindi Wafstet/Epona'Bri
© 2003
Permission to share freely as long as credit is given.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soul Agreements- WHY?

I can't agree that our soul agreements are always right.I do believe that we come here to learn and find out about ourselves but I think that the methods we have to learn by are too cruel.My son, David passed at age 19 in 2007. David knew from the age of 4 that he would die young.From a happy,cheerful boy he became an anxious and unhappy boy. At 4 he had to see a child psychiatrist as he was scared that eveything would hurt him. At 10 he had to attend an anxiety clinic and at 16 he went to hospital with severe depression as he was so scared of dying. David knew he would die before age 20.He often told me he would never marry or have a life after then. Imagine how this made me and my family feel. He knew he would be beaten up and he had something wrong with him. He was assaulted by bouncers at a club and died of a heart attack from an undiagnosed heart deffect.David tried everything to save himself. He ate healthily, he exercised every day. He tried to build up his muscles.He was nearly 20 and he was feeling happy. I believe he thought he had beaten his soul agreement.On the day he died I had a very bad feeling. I tried to stop him going to the club.David went to the club by himself. Another out of character moment.He tried to find a friend to go with him but they were all busy. My husband and I had a verbal fight. He wanted David to go. It was very out of character as if something was controlling him.I later made my husband go to the club and bring David home but it was too late.Even on the CCT footage of the club a van is seen to move forward a few feet and then back again to obscure my husband's view from seeing David being attacked.The police said it was spooky. Obviously our soul agreement had to be carried out, despite the fact David didn't want it to happen and I tried to prevent it. I believe this is what happened.Maybe when I die I will see the goodness in this soul agreement but it has now been over 4 years and I have not seen any good in it.I have tried but the bad things outway the good. I have asked God to replace my sadness with joy on many occassions but until I hold my son in my arms again I will never have the joy I had before.Guess I will be having this lesson again as I really don't see i have learnt anything but sadness.

Bits of this and that

I was sitting in my car waiting for my younger son to finish college as I was picking him up. On came a song on the radio that I have never heard before.It was basically just music and the words saying, "open your mind." My son hopped in the car and said,"Mum, look at the time." it was 11:11. Do you think this was a message for me?

About a week ago I asked David if he could send a kookaburra also called kingfisher(Australian bird) to let me know he is OK. (I know I ask for, too much) Well, we decided to go into, Sydney City, last Sunday. David loved going into the city. We have only been a handful of times since he passed as it is too painful.Well on the trip in on the main highway I just happened to glance up at a light pole and there was a lone kookaburra sitting on the top.No other birds anywhere.Now I haven't seen a kookaburra in such a long time. Last night at home I heard the kookaburras laugh.I couldn't see them but they must have been in a tree nearby. They have a very distinctive laughing sound. I haven't heard this for a few years. If we ask we receive.

I was on the way home when I pulled up at the lights. I thought it would be nice to get an ADC from David. David was killed at a place called Castle Hill Tavern on 7/7/07.At the lights a truck pulled up beside me.It had a load of trailers on the back. I glanced at the last trailer. It's licence plate was 77-TAV.I completely lost it and started blubbering. Thank you David.
What are the odds.

Yesterday I was driving to pick my son up and I asked David to show me a licence plate. ( I know I am greedy).Straight up beside me comes a car with the plate HE4VEN. I nearly jumped out of my seat and it was such an old nondescript car driven by a little old lady.I have never seen a plate like that before. Then in the other lane was a car with the licence plate 000 777 .
I couldn't believe it.I think someone heard me.Thank you Angels and David.

I bought a movie called"The 13th Floor" with Vincent D'onofrio. It's an old movie but sounded good. It's about alternate realities. My husband and I watched it on Saturday night.Afterwards I looked up Wikipedia to read about it and found it was filmed at 777 S Figuero St, Los Angeles and the main character was called David. For those that don't know I take 777 as my son, David's number. I see lots of 777's.
Then today while at the DVD/music store (they play background music) Well they played "Forever Young," which was played at my friend's son's funeral.As I was thinking about him and how sad it was the song finished and on came, "Straight Lines," played at my son's funeral. Now these songs are 5 and 4 years old, so what are the odds???

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Letter about my New Life

Dear Vandana,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and provoking post.I don't know where to start and as I write this I must tell you that I am in a constant state of discovery. My ideas change and are built upon each day.I think I will use point form too. It is how I usually write down my thoughts.
1) My life has become a constant search for, WHY? WHy did my son have to die?- I cannot see any goodness coming out of it. Only that I have become more spiritual.I constantly devour all spiritual books, DVD's, NDE's, ADC's, ghost stories, quantum physics, scientific research.I have never been religious.All I read points to the fact that we are all part of God  and we are all one.There is definetly an all knowing power that has orchestrated our lives.Sorry if this offends anyone.
2) I have realised that it is no use having grudges or judging- I went through a period where I was annoyed with many people and how they treated us after, David's death. Now I do not care. Many people have moved out of our lives and others have moved in.Everybody has to travel on their own journey and all we can do is show them love and compassion.
3)My life has changed. My past life seems unreal.My relationship in my family has changed.I now no longer am the neat,motivated, with it, person I was. I don't care as much about neatness and order any more.My younger son needs me more and more. He has developed OCD after losing his brother. His friends all left him.He is not the happy boy he was. My husband throws himself into his work.We don't have the samerelationship we used to.He is on the same wavelength as me so I can tell him my thoughts but is still entrenched in the fake world.David was our guiding force. He made us get up at weekends and have fun. Now my husband and son sleep til 11:30 every weekend. I sit here on the computer.We don't have much fun anymore.There can never be that feeling of euphoria and enjoyment in a moment that there once was. The feeling that all is right with the world has gone as my world is "not right," anymore.
4) I am realising that this world is not real.A medium told me this in the early days and it shocked me but as I continue on my journey I begin to see evidence that this may be true. There are so many synchronicities and co incidences. I believe our thoughts can influence our world. I believe we must be positive to have a positive experience here but it is so hard when your whole world has been rocked.
5) I know our loved ones are still very much alive, just in a different form. I know we will meet again and hold them in our arms. I am pretty sure they can hear and see us and try and answer our requests through ADC's. I believe time is not linear and we are fooled into thinking it is. I think on our Earth journey we have blinkers over our eyes and there is a lot more going on than we ever will know while we are human.
5) I have discovered I am not scared of death anymore. I am only scared of losing my loved ones or leaving them here alone to grieve,. I could not put them through what I have been through. I would not wish this on anyone and I often ask God (if there is one), How can you watch us go through this.?
6) When it comes down to it I think if I had to answer WHY? as in point 1, I think the answer may be that we are here to find our true selves, to understand who we are and to learn that the only important thing is LOVE.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eyes wide open!

How can you go through life, blinded.Why does it take a tragic event to remove the blinkers from your eyes. I went through 50 years like this. I often wonder if I had opened my eyes sooner would my son would still be here.Here is a reply I wrote to another grieving ,mum. It explains some of what I mean.

Dear Alicia, you are not silly and thanks for sharing with us. Your spiritual eyes have been opened as have mine through the loss of our sons. I wish it could have been another way. The first time I began to question was when I got my first ADC's. Then I went to a medium and she told me that I am beginning to realise this world isn't real. Wow! that really woke me up. I had never thought that before.Since then I have noticed so many things that point me to this conclusion. There is so much serendipity and synchronicity.I know this world is not what it seems.Our limited humaness prevents us from seeing the truth.It is like we have blinkers on.It is so hard to see beyond this reality as it is so real to us while we are here but I believe we can if we try. The answer is to,"believe."Everything is for a reason, every word, every encounter.When something happens now I ask "why?" instead of just putting it down as co incidence.Our sons are still very much alive, they know the real truth and are continuing to help and guide us on our earthly journey.Love to you.